For acupuncturists interested in continuing education to learn more about integrating acupuncture, EAM with IVF, Dr. Hullender Rubin teaches Continuing Education courses. Many of them can be found online.

web-based recorded courses

If you are interested in learning more about how to integrate acupuncture and EAM into Assisted Reproductive Treatments like IVF or would like her to teach CEUs in your area, contact Dr. Hullender Rubin. She can present comprehensive courses to your group (minimum 10) on the following:

  • Acupuncture and IVF (14 CEUs) $350pp
  • East Asian Medicine and IVF (18 CEUs) $450pp
  • Or a combination of two or more the following ($350pp or more):
    • East Asian Medicine for Recurrent pregnancy loss (7 CEUs)
    • East Asian Medicine for Polycystic ovarian syndrome (7 CEUs)
    • East Asian Medicine for Endometriosis (7 CEUs)
    • East Asian Medicine for Vulvar pain (7 CEUs)

In her interactive courses, she reviews the biomedical symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, presents EAM diagnosis, treatment principles and methods with acupuncture and Chinese herbs with references to classical and modern texts, reviews the current research on EAM treatment, and presents real case studies.

what people say about her teaching

“Possibly the best CEU class I have ever attended.”

“I was really impressed with how well you moved through your material without rushing or talking too fast(!), while covering so much with lots of time allotted for questions. Thank you!”

“Fantastic, good energy, and very knowledgeable. Please have her back!”

“I think Lee demonstrates a great example of flexible Chinese Medicine thought and biomedical knowledge side-by-side.”